7" BIN


Fried E/M - s/t 7” (LR#78)
Fried Emu Mind = Ripping new St Louis band. Snotty balls-to-the-wall punk with a HC edge in vein of late 70s/early 80s California greats like Los Plugz and Modern Warfare. Would also fit nicely on mixtape of modern pogo bands like Patsy or Crazy Spirit. Cover drawn by the singer Bugman’s 15 year old sister.

Mala Leche - s/t 7” (LR#76)
Vinyl treatment of two demos by this STL/Minneapolis concoction. Antuan (Wild Child) snarls in his native language over some demented computer virus punk/hc from the mind of BO (Ruz, Dumpers). Annoying synth punk covered in spikes.

The Stranger - s/t 7" (LR#74)
New St Louis band that blends some classic aggro post punk (Wire, Crisis) with a modern punk/hardcore (Total Control, Wiccans) sound. Chorus pedal guitar leads wail alongside panicked vocals as the beat marches on and on. Artwork by Laura Pallmall.

Dangus Tarkus - Binky Boy 7" (LR#60)
One man group by Joe (Nancy, Muff Divers). A side delivers a bouncy and quirky new wave number a la DEVO while the just as catchy B side tracks are hyperactive pogo punk ditties that bring to mind The Dickies or 100 Flowers. A quality EP.

Mr. Wax - Wax City 7" (LR#66)
Desert fried new wave/synth project from Phoenix sensation Mr. Wax, formerly of the mysterious Pigeon Religion. These songs are from a rare demo tape released in 2010 and now remastered. The wax man wails like a lunatic, clunking his way through new wave jingles with budget gear and production. Sounds like what it is: a strange and unstable man making a stupid and alienating racket.

Gibbous 7" (LR#35)
Demented synth punk/garage from the mind of Andy Peterson (Trauma Harness). The A side “Mortal Crust” is a dystopic cyber punk excursion punctuated by blips and bloops that were probably sampled from an 80s video game soundtrack. B side is a driven Spits-y number called “No Elevators”. A powerful single.

Trauma Harness - Ghost of a Flea 7” (LR#75)
3 song 7” from St Louis’s most celebrated post punk band. Astral pop on the A side with some drum machine new wave/synth pop tracks on the flip. “Ghost of a Flea” sounds like what you’d want to hear in a dream on an elevator in a space station.